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Camp Hostýn is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding this year!

Celebrate With Creativity: Camp Hostýn's Logo Creation Contest! 

As we celebrate a significant milestone, the Hostýn Association is thrilled to announce a Logo Creation Contest to celebrate our Camp Hostýn’s 70th Anniversary. This is more than just a contest; it's a huge opportunity for all our supporters to actively shape the visual identity of our beloved Camp Hostýn.  After all, Hostýn is nothing without its vibrant and dedicated community!

As the Camp Hostýn reaches its 70th year of existence, a change of allure is in order! We want YOU, our dear supporters, to get involved and choose what Camp Hostýn’s new logo will become!

🗓️ Contest Period: January 27th - March 31st, 2024

🏆 Prizes:

  • 1st Place: A voucher valued at $500 towards an admission to Camp Hostýn and a unique and memorable contestant t-shirt!
  • 2nd Place: A voucher for 5 years of free Hostýn Association membership (valued at 100$) and a unique and memorable contestant t-shirt!
  • 3rd Place: Your very own unique and memorable contestant t-shirt! 

Design Directives:

  1. Embrace Our Roots: Celebrate our heritage in the heart of Canada: draw inspiration from our Czech and Slovak roots. No constraints – express our culture through your distinctive perspective!
  2. Nature’s Essence: Historically, our logos have celebrated nature, mirroring the tranquil environment of Camp Hostýn. While not obligatory, a nature-themed design could splendidly represent our ethos.
  3. Your Vision, Our Future: We encourage uninhibited creativity. There are no specific requirements – let your imagination guide the future look of our beloved Camp!

Judging Process:

  1. Committee Review: A special committee will look at all the logo entries.
  2. Selecting Top 3: This committee will pick the best three logos.
  3. Online Voting: These top 3 logos will be put online for everyone to see and vote on.
  4. Most Likes Wins: The logo with the most votes or likes online will be the winner. 

This way, the winning logo is chosen both by a knowledgeable committee and the votes of our community.

When the Board of Directors of the Hostýn Association evaluates the submissions for the top 3 logos, they can consider the following criteria:

  • Cultural Relevance: The extent to which the logo reflects the Czech and Slovak heritage of Camp Hostýn. This includes the use of symbols, colors, and motifs that resonate with its cultural roots.
  • Representation of Nature: Since past logos have emphasized nature, the Board may look for designs that subtly incorporate natural elements, reflecting the Camp’s connection with the natural environment surrounding it.
  • Versatility and Scalability: The logo’s adaptability across various mediums and scales. It should be effective in different sizes and formats, from digital platforms to print materials, and should maintain its integrity when scaled up or down.
  • Narrative Quality: The ability of the logo to tell a story or convey a message that resonates with the members and the broader community. A good logo often has a narrative element that makes it memorable and meaningful. 

Who can participate:

  • Open Call for Entries: The logo contest is open to the entire Hostýn Association community. No matter where you're from or your background, if Hostýn holds a special place in your heart, we invite you to participate.
  • Inclusive Opportunity: We welcome artists young and old to bring their vision to the contest. If you're between the ages of 1 and 101, we'd love to see what Hostýn inspires you to create!

Submission Details:

Email to: The selection committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

File Format: High-quality JPEG, PNG, or scan!

Include: Your full name, a short bio about yourself, and share what Camp Hostýn represents for you!

This contest is a testament to our belief in the power and creativity of our members and community. Your participation is not just about designing a logo; it's about contributing to the legacy and future of Hostýn.

The Hostýn Association 

Celebrating 70 Years of promoting Czech and Slovak culture in Quebec


2024 Camp Hostyn event calendar


The event calendar for 2024 will be published in the upcoming months.

Cabin Rentals:

New pricing - 36$/cabin/night. (33$/cabin for members). All proceeds from cabin rentals are re-invested back into camp repairs and administration.  As part of our mandate, we are also trying to keep our prices as low as possible so that individuals with limited financial means can still come and enjoy Camp Hostyn.


To reserve, please call us at 438 389-8522; or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For reservations for big events, inquire with John Misrahi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Camp Hosts

More information about the Camp Host will be published soon.